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The activities of the MoSeF network are prepared and the students actively involved in labs and demonstrations are trained at the Teaching and Learning Lab of the NA3 CNR Research Area, located at the "Adriano Olivetti" complex in Pozzuoli (NA), where two MoSeF partners, ICB-CNR and IPCB-CNR, have their main branches.

The Lab heavily depends on equipment and resources acquired, donated or leaned by the Institutes most involved in its setup (presently ICB-CNR and IPCB-CNR) for teaching and exhibiting activities. It allows both small exhibits, also exploiting the area in front on the lab for non-lab-based activities and illustrative materials, and teaching activities for schools, and the setup and optimization stages of experiments to be demostrated in exhibits and other activities.

In particular, a four-sided view mobile chemical hood (Strola M900), also used for public demostrations in other sites, is particularly useful to perform potentially dangerous or noxious experiments and operations in full safety but with a full view for students and audience.


Spazio allestibile antistante il MoSeF Lab

Area in front of the Lab usable for small exhibits


Dettaglio dello spazio antistante e dell'ingresso del MoSeF Lab

A detail of the area in front of the Lab


Panoramica MoSeF Lab

Panoramic view of the Lab


Panoramica MoSeF Lab: in fondo si nota la cappa chimica

Another view of the Lab with the mobile chemical hood in evidence


Il MoSeF Lab in attività

The Lab in action! 


Il MoSeF Lab in attività (2)

The Lab in action! (2)


MED 6572.S

The Lab in action! (3)



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