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MoSeF”    network represent an interdisciplinary collaborative effort involving:

  ICB-CNRInstitute of Biomolecular Chemistry - National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Pozzuoli (NA)

    IPCB-CNR:    Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials of CNR, Pozzuoli (NA)

  ISSM-CNR:   Institute of Studies on Mediterranean Societies of CNR, Naples, Italy

ISA-CNR:     Institute of Food Sciences of CNR, Avellino, Italy

 L'Orientale:    Department of Asia, Africa & Mediterranean Countries, University “L'Orientale”, Naples, Italy

Confucio:    Confucius Institute, University “L'Orientale”, Naples, Italy

    ABANA:     Academy of Fine Arts, Naples, Italy

   Righi:    State industrial and technical institute “Augusto Righi”, Naples, Italy

                   and, more recently:

     Logo INOA 120x127px 100dpi INO-CNRNational Institute of Optics of CNR - Research Unit of Naples


                   and it can count on the collaboration of:

   Remy:   Ice Cream Shop “Remy” – Scarda S.r.l., Naples, Italy

MoSeF”    also involved in its past projects:

   Casanova:   State Inst. of Higher Education “Alfonso Casanova”, Naples, Italy

Italian National Police - Regional Forensic Science Police Office of Liguria, Genoa


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