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“MoSeF” (“Molecules without borders”, in Italian Molecole Senza Frontiere” - MoSeF) is a network of institutions established in 2015 with the purpose of promoting the knowledge of Chemistry and its relationships with other disciplines and everyday life.
“MoSeF” designs and realizes exhibits and activities targeted both for large-scale events such as science festivals or exhibitions, and for self-organized, standalone events to be kept either "in house" or in culturally relevant sites, or, on demand, in institutional sites (schools, cultural associations,...). The activities are generally designed to maximize interactivity and involvement and to suit to the widest ranges of ages and skills of participants.
“MoSeF” involves in its activities partners from very different areas, like schools, cultural associations and private companies, all sharing the common goal of carrying out its projects and participating in their planned realizations. In particular, schools are deeply involved in the overall projects, since students are trained in our labs and/or at school (with the contribution of personnel from MoSeF network) and then employed to demonstrate experiments, activities and exhibits during the public events. Also photo and video coverage of events and their "making of", as well as their post-processing and multimedia production, is assigned to students, both from schools and from MoSeF member institutions.
“MoSeF” is currently coordinated by Dr Pietro Amodeo, ICB-CNR, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some info docs:

MoSeF presentation slide (eng - png)

Explanatory Brochure on MoSeF and the exhibit "Molecules without border:..." presented at the "Futuro Remoto 2015" Science Festival (ita/eng - pdf)

Final MoSeF Group Picture  -  "Futuro Remoto 2015" Science Festival, Naples 18th October 2015


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Our activities are currently supported by:

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Further detail on activities and sponsors of past events can be found at the corresponding pages of the "Past Events" and "Exhibits" sections.